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Apartment Building Hallway - 16-year-old shot in hallway of Philadelphia apartment building: Police Walter Perez has more on Action News at 5 pm on August 25, 2019 Philadelphia police are investigating a shooting that left a teen injured on Sunday afternoon. Chicago police said the victim told them on September 7 at about 11:20 am, she was walking down her apartment building hallway when  A 41-year-old man has been charged with attempted sexual assault and attempted kidnapping for allegedly attacking a woman in her apartment building hallway in Boystown

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Use of a drug-sniffing dog at an apartment door is a 'search,' 7th . In the 7th Circuit, the police can enter your apartment building and walk 872 F2d 12, 14-15 (2d Cir1989) (apartment hallway), overruled on  In the 7th Circuit, the police can enter your apartment building and walk around the common areas of the building without implicating your Fourth Amendment rights But according to a new decision, that doesn't let the police bring a drug-sniffing dog up to your apartment door to sniff for drugs inside. A masked gunman opened fire in the hallway of an apartment building in Brooklyn Surveillance video shows the suspect entering the lobby of a building Wednesday in the East New York section and unloading four rounds at a group of men who were in the hallway

What Can I Do About Our Building's Ugly Corridors? - The New York . An unattractive hallway makes the foyer inside your apartment even more important. A White man has been dubbed "Hallway Harry," after being recorded accusing his Black neighbor of not living in their NYC apartment Hallway Harry doesn't believe his Black neighbor lives in his building. A video viral shows a white man dubbed "hallway Harry" interrogating his black neighbor about whether he lives in their apartment building