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Apartment Aesthetic Black - Their foyer is painted Farrow & Ball Off Black, and, like the rest of the apartment, given over to display The central botanical, shown here, is a  How to live cost-consciously and exceptionally well in NYC? Creative consultants and product developers Jesse James and Kostas (Gus) Anagnopoulos solved th What’s Old Is New: A Pearl District Loft in Portland Gets a New Shell. One of the apartment's two master bathrooms or quaintly historical is to ignore its aesthetic meaning in the context of contemporary art they mimic the haunting black-and-white seascape photographs that Sugimoto has  The artist Hiroshi Sugimoto’s first architectural project in New York City is a defiant celebration of a bygone age

Why I Chose Aesthetics Over a Healthy Relationship On his walls hung perfectly symmetrical black-and-white photographs of breasts,  I dated inappropriate men because I loved their apartments Why I Chose Aesthetics Over a Healthy RelationshipSarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth in Sex and the City Photo: New Line Cinema/courtesy Everett Collection The first apartment I ever fell in love with belonged to a Brazilian playboy who

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Where To Buy An Ariana Grande Upside Down Christmas Tree. Ariana got into the holiday spirit while staying true to her 'Halloween all the time' apartment aesthetic by decorating with black stockings, black  she's gettin' festive Ariana Grande Has An Upside Down Xmas Tree & You Can Get One, Too. Black glazing wraps one corner of a Mexican apartment block – Dezeen and concrete, are featured in the interior spaces, providing an industrial aesthetic A sheet of tinted glazing folds around one corner of this white apartment block in the Mexican city of Puebla, enclosing a roof terrace (+ slideshow)https://wwwdezeencom/2015/04/30/apartment-block-tadeo-4909-proyecto-cafeina-puebla-mexico-black-glazing-corner/ Local architecture studio Proyecto Cafeína designed the six-storey apartment building – called Tadeo 4909 – for a corner plot in the centre of Puebla, situated around 80 miles south of Mexico City Rather than fill the…

A San Francisco Apartment All in Black & White – Homepolish. Now, as soon as you walk into the apartment, you are struck by a curated and unmistakably modern aesthetic Matte black walls in the bedroom  What's black and white and modern all over? For a PhD candidate in San Francisco, Homepolish's Michael Hilal designed a stark and minimalist modern apartment. Even though his style is considered to be simplistic, in 2015 he broke records as his famous painting titled 'Composition No III, with Red, Blue, Yellow and Black'  The famous Dutch painter Piet Mondrian was known for his simplistic, yet distinct style that was a part of the De Stijl movement Using straight lines and also a limited palette, he aimed to deconstruct reality and depict its 'true' form Even though his style is considered to be simplistic, in 2015 he broke records as his famous painting titled 'Composition No III, with Red, Blue, Yellow and Black' from 1929 was sold for $50. Plantation Colony delights residents with its charming apartments, luxe Vaulted Ceilings**; Hard Surface CounterTops*; Custom 2 Inch Blinds; Black Kitchen